Got some previews in the mail!


I got the face-up previews for the new samples!  Hopefully they’ll be ready soon!

Mini-Machina re-lease pushed back to end of April!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay on the Mini-Machina open orders!  The casting studio is backed up and there were more delays than I expected! (pictures are my personal casts I sent off for procast in January!) Pre-orders for Delta and the new head, Blip, will open up at the end of April for certain. […]

Orpheus and St. George Released!

Wow!  Well, getting these two done has been a wild ride!  Between mold problems at home and abroad, shipping fiascos and some personal strife, all culminating in these two arriving the day before I flew out for the holidays, they’re finally ready for pre-order! Pre-order period is now extended till Febuary 15th! :D Please welcome […]

Orpheus and St. George

UPDATES! Hey all! So I had originally planned to have these two out in October.  Let me tell you a story. It’s a story about how the best laid plans can go all wrong.  And oh how wrong they went. The short story is that we had a lot of trouble getting these guys through […]

Coming soon! New 55cm boy!

  Exciting news!  I have a new 55cm boy coming out in December. Well, technically two since there are two faces to choose from but I’m still working on the second face! Orpheus, the face seen here, is the first large scale doll I’ve done in years. YEARS. I’ve been limiting myself to the more […]

Mini-Machina Pre-order #2 is now open! Blue is now available!

      Wow, guys!  I was overwhelmed by the response to the first batch of Mini-Machinas!  They’re the first doll I’ve ever sold out of!  As a result, here’s the first renewed pre-order! Blue is the alternative color offered at this time!  Teal is sold out.     You can click their pictures above […]

Mini-Machinas are up for Pre-Order!

I am so excited to present to you my first mini-dolls! Mini-Machina Eta and Delta are officially up for Pre-Order! They’re 29cm of curvy attitude. You can click their pictures above or visit their pages here: Eta  and Delta

White Machina Gamma and Epsilon!

    White machina preview pictures! Pre-Order Gamma Pre-Order Epsilon    

Machina Gamma and Epsilon are available for pre-order!

          Finally! After two or three years of waiting the boys are being cast and are ready for pre-order!! :D Find out more about purchasing one on their individual pages: Gamma Epsilon I’ll post more pictures as I have time. Hope to have lots of pics for you all! Thanks for […]

News! News!

  *edited to add* Just got word today that they will ship the samples out tomorrow via EMS.  It should be about 3-5 days before they arrive so I’ll have photos and official pre-order starting next week!  thanks everyone!! :D   Prototype photos! :D  I was going to save it as a surprise, but since […]

  • Dark Elf Alt skin

    Dark Elf Alt skin
  • CleverLittleB

  • CleverLittleA

  • Blip

  • Mini-Machina Delta

    Mini-Machina Delta
  • Orpheus

  • St. George

    St. George
  • Pre-Order Dark Elf

    Pre-Order Dark Elf
  • Mini-Machina Eta

    Mini-Machina Eta
  • Gamma

  • epsilon

  • Lagoon