Mini-Machina Pre-order is open!



Pre-orders are now open for Blip and Delta in Teal, Gray and White!  

Blip here!

Delta here!

Pre-order will be open for a month.

Layaway is available on a first come, first serve, please email me at if you’d like to set one up.

DSC03111 DSC03116 DSC03126





Dark Elf is released in white and peach skin

Clever Little is up for Pre-Order!




head02_10 head01_06
Clever Little B Clever Little A



Finally!  I’ve been working on these guys the entire summer!  They’re 1:6 scale and go well in playscale environments.  You can stash them in a purse and carry them anywhere!   I like to pretend their little elven princes and I’ve got a whole head canon for them. That’s the danger of doll making, you start making worlds too, then you want to build tiny sets and annoy your family.

They’re available in three skin tones.  Right now I have 15 total dolls, five of each skin tone.  If I get more orders than that I will be happy to expand the order, however, i need to know soon!  They’re already in production and being cast!



Pre-Order for Dark Elf now open!

DSC02857_1 DSC02843_1 DSC02848_1



Hey guys!  If you ever order something and get either no confirmation from me and/or receive no tracking number from me within 24 hours, please please let me know!  You can email me at batchix at or batchix at (or contact me through here, instagram, flickr, doa, dA, ect) or you can comment here!  I’ve been getting a lot of weird spam, so if you don’t see your comment post right away that’s why… I’ve got a spam filter that’s supposed to weed it out but it seems to be not working anymore.

You are ALWAYS welcome to message me to get an update on an order, anything you’ve seen me working on, or on pre-order status or if you just have a general question about doll making.  I am more than happy to help!

And if you have any problems with your order, please, please let me know so I can make it right.

Mini-Machina Packaging Alert!

Hey all!  If you ordered a MM this order, I put the eyes, the magnets, a few sparkly hearts and COA’s in little bags.  Unfortunately the bags had a hard time closing around the COA’s and the accessories have fallen out of some of them.  Please check through your boxes to make sure you got everything!  I’ve ordered much larger bags for next time. <3

All but a few of the dolls have been sent!  Please email me at to let me know if you didn’t get an email with your tracking info or if there are any other problems with your order.

Thanks again guys!!


Updates and Auctions!

First up, I’m finally auctioning off the OOAK cast of Orpheus.  He was a test of using mica powder in my resin to get different effects.  Please check him out!

Next update is that the Mini-Machina are still open for pre-order and layaway is available.  I’ll be getting the dolls in soon!

I was hoping to tell you that my Dark Elf was going to be releasing, but his head got lost in the mail. ;D;  Thankfully I have the original mold and I can just make a new master copy.  You can see my handcast on my flickr.

The kitty ears are now available separately if you’d like an extra pair or a pair for a different doll!  they’re on Delta and Blip’s pages.  If all you’re ordering are Kitty ears, let me know and I can send you a personalized invoice for shipping. <3

Lastly, I’ve added the option to buy the 51cm boy body and 42cm girl body separately.  Previously you had to send an email, but now you can just zoom through check out!

In stock at the moment: Orpheus, St. George, and Lagoon  in both skin tones.

Pre-orders are open for Blip and Delta!

blip03 blip10 blip09 blip08

Pre-order them here!



Got some previews in the mail!


I got the face-up previews for the new samples!  Hopefully they’ll be ready soon!

Mini-Machina re-lease pushed back to end of April!

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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the delay on the Mini-Machina open orders!  The casting studio is backed up
and there were more delays than I expected!
(pictures are my personal casts I sent off for procast in January!)

Pre-orders for Delta and the new head, Blip, will open up at the
end of April for certain.

I should have the samples with me at the Korean Ball Jointed Doll Show
in LA!  It’s April 24-26th at the Westin Hotel.
(I wasn’t going to be able to go, but I got some help and now I can!)

You’ll be able to see Orpheus and St. George in person as well as some other goodies!

<3 <3 <3 <3

Additionally, if you want a Gamma, please get one soon!  There’s only a couple left.
I will actually be adding my few remaining stock of gray Gamma and Epsilons up for grabs.

Once they’re gone they’re gone.

It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be doing another
release of the machina boys any time soon!

  • Dark Elf Alt skin

    Dark Elf Alt skin
  • CleverLittleB

  • CleverLittleA

  • Blip

  • Mini-Machina Delta

    Mini-Machina Delta
  • Orpheus

  • St. George

    St. George
  • Pre-Order Dark Elf

    Pre-Order Dark Elf
  • Mini-Machina Eta

    Mini-Machina Eta
  • Gamma

  • epsilon

  • Lagoon