Dark Elf- sold out









$600    – SOLD OUT!

Included Dark elf doll, 1 pair of glass eyes
Skin Gray-Purple transclucent resin.While the resin has been treated with UV stabilizer, it is not recommended that the doll be left for long periods in hot environments or direct sunlight.  He is a dark elf after all.The dark nature of the resin may also include subtle marbling effects.  This is normal for this type of resin and should not be considered a defect.  Darker resin is much more expensive for me to produce and his price reflects this.
Options Face-up
Ordering Time Pre-order
Shipping Dolls will be sent Priority mail with Insurance. Please make sure and add the correct shipping to your cart above!(US or International)

Once the doll is ordered you cannot cancel the order! Thank you!
The numbers this doll will be produced at will be determined entirely on the response for the pre-order.
If I get enough orders I will open up a second skin tone option.

Layaway is available on a limited basis, please email me for information!

    DSC02835_1 DSC02837_1 DSC02840_1 DSC02844_1 DSC02846_1 DSC02848_1 DSC02857_1 DSC02859_1 DSC02864_1 DSC02868_1 DSC02873_1


Total Height 51 cm
Head 5.5in
Eyes 8-9mm

Comparison of 51cm body with other 51cm and 42cm dolls


  1. Dafne Salazar says:

    Omg he is just perfect , I just learn about your page TT______TT so he is sold out…………..any chances that in the feature he is avaible again?

  2. ronnie says:

    Would love to see him return (or maybe a human version). Out of all your dolls, he’s my favorite!

  3. AliciaRain says:

    Okay, for the first time ever , (and I done a LOT of hunting) I have found a doll I would consider getting… let me check out my money situation and see what I can do… I will wait patiently for him to return… hope he lasts through till February, birthday is that month so I get some extra cash from family that I can add to his savings.

    He is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Tantan says:

      I’m so sorry, but he’s no longer being made in this skin tone. He’ll be available in early november in peach or white skin with layaway options available.

      thanks! <3

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