It’s been a while since I updated here!  I think it’s the reoccurring theme of all individual artists that we run out of time for ourselves and our websites suffer.  I’ve started to sell everything in batches through my Etsy page.  I’ll try to continue announce pre-orders and doll specs as well as galleries here.  […]

Updates galore!

I attended Yaoicon last weekend and it was so much fun!  Had a lot of interested in the dolls and met some really great people!  Hope to do it again next year!  Many thanks to my lovely assistant Bailey for helping me table and to the Yaoicon staff for all their hard work! In good […]

Mini-Machina Pre-order is open!

  Pre-orders are now open for Blip and Delta in Teal, Gray and White!   Blip here! Delta here! Pre-order will be open for a month. Layaway is available on a first come, first serve, please email me at if you’d like to set one up.        

Dark Elf is released in white and peach skin

Now available in white or peach skin! numbers are limited!

Clever Little is up for Pre-Order!

      Clever Little B Clever Little A     Finally!  I’ve been working on these guys the entire summer!  They’re 1:6 scale and go well in playscale environments.  You can stash them in a purse and carry them anywhere!   I like to pretend their little elven princes and I’ve got a whole head […]

Pre-Order for Dark Elf now open!


Hey guys!  If you ever order something and get either no confirmation from me and/or receive no tracking number from me within 24 hours, please please let me know!  You can email me at batchix at or batchix at (or contact me through here, instagram, flickr, doa, dA, ect) or you can comment […]

Mini-Machina Packaging Alert!

Hey all!  If you ordered a MM this order, I put the eyes, the magnets, a few sparkly hearts and COA’s in little bags.  Unfortunately the bags had a hard time closing around the COA’s and the accessories have fallen out of some of them.  Please check through your boxes to make sure you got […]

Updates and Auctions!

First up, I’m finally auctioning off the OOAK cast of Orpheus.  He was a test of using mica powder in my resin to get different effects.  Please check him out! Next update is that the Mini-Machina are still open for pre-order and layaway is available.  I’ll be getting the dolls in soon! I was hoping […]

Pre-orders are open for Blip and Delta!

Pre-order them here! Delta Blip

  • Dark Elf Alt skin

    Dark Elf Alt skin
  • CleverLittleB

  • CleverLittleA

  • Blip

  • Mini-Machina Delta

    Mini-Machina Delta
  • Orpheus

  • St. George

    St. George
  • Pre-Order Dark Elf

    Pre-Order Dark Elf
  • Mini-Machina Eta

    Mini-Machina Eta
  • Gamma

  • epsilon

  • Lagoon