Mini-Machina Pre-order #2 is now open! Blue is now available!




Wow, guys!  I was overwhelmed by the response to the first batch of Mini-Machinas!  They’re the first doll I’ve ever sold out of!  As a result, here’s the first renewed pre-order!

Blue is the alternative color offered at this time!  Teal is sold out.



You can click their pictures above or visit their pages here:

Eta and Delta

Shown in Comparison. Teal is sold out.

Pstt~~  At the time of this post, I have three unclaimed white minis left over from the waitlist!  So the first three white minis paid in full will be shipped out immediately. :D


  1. lunchboxx says:

    hey there, I am absolutely SMITTEN with blue Eta, If i was to purchase her, when could I expect her to be shipped, also what is your policy on layaway, hope your having a great day x

  2. Luna says:

    Hey, is there any chance you’ll do another run or these, or another mini machina character? I am totally in love with them but it looks like i missed the boat by a few months :<

  3. Leah says:

    Hello! This doll is too adorable! I’ve been looking for something like this! But I believe I am too late… Dx (like 2 years too late)
    Will you be making these still? (I hope so)

    Also will they be in different colours? (Can u dye these?) maybe a skin white (and/or tan)

    Sorry for any inconvenience >~<;;; I'm just desperate ^^;;;

    • Tantan says:

      I will probably do another ordering period in November. I was going to do it in September but I have several other doll related things coming out before then and I need more time to run the order. :3

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