Gamma’s off to be cast! :D

(Doll shown is not a factory cast, but one of the old hand casts, there may be some differences between this and the finished product.  This is just a sample image)       Machina Gamma is on his way to get the casting started!!  The process of cleaning and casting takes about three weeks, […]


Working hard!  Last of the hand cast machina boys will be up for sale soon.  I’m still debating on whether to put him on ebay for auction or etsy at a set price.  All proceeds from him will go toward getting the boys cast! I’ll open layaway pre-orders when i send him out for casting, […]

Pre-order is over, but you can still buy the dolls!


New Photos and terms for layaway!

Pre-orders are still open until the 15th! I’ve got about four more slots for free clothing with the doll! I’m able to offer layaway now thanks to all the pre-orders! Layaway terms are half upfront and 30 days from the first payment. First payment is non-refundable. Now for more pictures!  

Lagoon is ready for pre-order!

Order now! Pre-order is July 1 to August 15 The first 20 dolls ordered will come with a free outfit! (Disclaimer: This doll is independently produced and is unassociated with my past business associates.  Thanks!)

More Pictures of the White Skin Lagoon

  i need to get her some better shoes.  I have a pair of boots she wears, but my studio is such a mess right now that i haven’t had time to dig them out!

More Pictures of the Lyn Raftis doll

  sorry most of these involve me screwing around with processing the photos.  The lighting was kind of bad today.  It’s hot and bright out.

Ghost White Lagoon Painted by Lyn Raftis!

Ghost white is not available, but you can pre-order White or Normal skin Lagoon here! Ghost white is not an available skin tone.  I received her as a sample cast and Lyn was kind enough to paint her for me. <3 You can contact Lyn at her website!

Comparisons with other dolls and resin tones

Resin color comparisons with other companies Size comparison with other companies They look like some kind of strange band cover. All my children… okay not ALL, but at least one of each finished sculpt.

white lagoon with a face-up

I did some face-ups on the sample dolls.  this one turned out the best.  i really like her this way!

  • Dark Elf Alt skin

    Dark Elf Alt skin
  • CleverLittleB

  • CleverLittleA

  • Blip

  • Mini-Machina Delta

    Mini-Machina Delta
  • Orpheus

  • St. George

    St. George
  • Pre-Order Dark Elf

    Pre-Order Dark Elf
  • Mini-Machina Eta

    Mini-Machina Eta
  • Gamma

  • epsilon

  • Lagoon