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Included Mini-Machina Delta, 1 pair of random glass eyes
Skin White Skin(Environmental resin is used)
Options Face-up or extra head(you may choose either color on extra head)
Ordering Time Girls are in stock at the moment!  there’s only a handful left!Pre-orders will last 1 month after which I will put in the order to the casting studio. It will take 2-3 months to receive the dolls after that. Please feel free to email for updates at any time.
Shipping Dolls will be sent Priority mail with Insurance. Please make sure and add the correct shipping to your cart above!(US or International)


Once the doll is ordered you cannot cancel the order! Thank you!

Layaway is available on a limited basis, please email me for information!


Camparison Picture

(shown in comparison to white and teal. Teal is sold out)

Total Height 29cm
Head 5.5in
Eyes 14mm



  1. Tina Reindel says:


    I have a question about your wonderful doll. I want order her but I would ask about Layaway. How many terms you accept? Because I would order her in mint, with international shiping and the gemma head. Total would be 410$. Please let me know and have a nice day! ^o^

    • Tantan says:

      I’m sorry, but I can’t take any more layaways at the moment, I can only do so many at a time. :{ Terms are normally $140 down, non-refundable, then the rest in 2-3 months as you need. Check back with me in a week or two and I may be able to take some more layaways at that point!

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  3. Kafae says:

    She is SO CUTE! I absolutely love her! She is in my top 3 of favorite molds I’ve ever seen! Keep making amazing things Batchix!!! <3

  4. Jessica P says:

    I am in love with your dolls <3 I plan on ordering more than one very soon! :D

  5. DarkLordZafiel says:

    Hey I am very interested in purchasing the Eta when you open up pre-orders again and I just have a few questions. I read that the eta comes with a random pair of eyes, do those eyes come attached to the dolls head already or not? If not what are the materials I need to attach the eyes into the sockets?

    This will be my first bjd so I just want to make sure on the details.

    • Tantan says:

      Hi! She does come with a pair of eyes! They are not in her head. You can use a variety of substances to stick them in. I recommend either a kneadable eraser or sticky tack. Non drying oil clays in lighter colors or silicone ear plugs work as well. I don’t recommend any type of polymer clay as they sometimes eat away at plastics and resins. I should have some dolls left when they arrive in Nov. you can email me and I’ll put you on the waitlist! Email is batchix @ yahoo .com (no spaces). I will also hopefully have another pre order in January or February. Thanks!

  6. DarkLordZafiel says:

    Thanks a lot. Hope I can see her before Christmas.

  7. Skyealloway says:

    Its October! Will she be available again?? Pretty please?

    • Tantan says:

      I won’t know till late November if there will be extras. n.n; If you’d like to get on the waitlist just let me know! Otherwise there will possibly be a new Pre-order in January or Febuary. If you’d like to be on the regular mailing list, just let me know! :D

  8. Lindsey Scheuerman says:

    Would like to be on the wait list for this one as well thank you!!

  9. Malaryush says:

    Might I be able to get myself onto the waiting list? I’d be highly interested in a teal Eta &/or Delta. <3 (And in case I'm not lucky, is there any chance you'll be including the teal resin colour again in the second pre-order if it happens?)

    • Tantan says:

      I added you to the list!

      I won’t be releasing the teal again this time. Next round will be white and either cream yellow or light blue. I’m sorry!

  10. Malaryush says:

    I figured it was an off chance. :3 I’ll just hold out hope for extras! And if not, light blue sounds like it would be amazing too. <3

  11. Sarah says:

    How much is she? Is she the same price as Lagoon?

    • Tantan says:

      She is, she’s $325. I’ll be taking pre-orders again at the end of January. I’ll be sending out alerts to the email addresses on the mailing list if you’d like to be on it. thanks! :D

  12. Carrie says:

    Could I go on the waiting list for a mini machina delta? love it, so cute!

  13. Juubei says:

    Left a message on Delta. I definitely want to be on the list for one of each!

  14. DarkLordZafiel says:

    I just wanted to make sure I am on the wait list, I sent an e-mail but I just need to be sure.

  15. Sailor Orbit says:

    I love this face! So cute!

  16. Rebecca says:

    I’d love to be on the mailing list for the pre-order for these! Thanks! :)

  17. Rakuin says:

    Can you add me in the mailing list? I want one of these cuties =3

  18. KireiX says:

    It doesn’t look they are up for preorder today? Will this be happening in the evening – or is it on a new page that I missed?

    • Tantan says:

      I’m still at work! I’ll put the order boxes up soon! Sorry, i couldn’t figure out how to schedule an update in wordpress!

  19. SailorSenshi says:

    Maybe a silly question, but I’ll still ask it : ).
    Will these dolls run out? I don’t know how I should put it… How long will these dolls be sold?
    I’m just a bit worried because I REALLY want one but I currently have no money.

    • Tantan says:

      I’ll probably do periodic orders of them when I run out of current stock. Right now there are about 20 dolls left. :3

  20. SailorSenshi says:

    Hello me again! So I was just wondering since English isn’t my first language and google translate didn’t help this time, what do you mean by “layaway”? I wasn’t completely sure about it so I just wanted to know : ).

    • Tantan says:

      Hi! Layaway means that you put part of the payment down, $150, and then you pay the rest in 2-3 months in the form of payments until your order is paid off.

  21. Zukin says:

    I’m extremely curious about these dolls and I’m really considering purchasing one. Is the faceup included in the $325 price or do I have to add that on? Either way, the pricing is great and the dolls are beautiful. <3

    • Tantan says:

      Thank you! The face-up is an additional $30. There’s a button on the the lower left that is for adding that to your cart. If for some reason it doesn’t work, let me know that you want one when you order and I’ll send you an invoice for it instead. :3

  22. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering if she was still availible, and if so, if you are excepting layaway again, if not, i can save up for her but it will just take me a little longer. ^_^

    • Tantan says:

      She’s still available in blue and white, but there’s only a few more blue left! I can accept layaway right now. Just shoot me an email if you’re interested. :D

  23. jo says:

    HI. How much are these in canadian dollars? I am just confused because it’s my first time here & I see international shipping is 50$. I understand you’re coming to anime north, so I would just like to know if you’ll sell them there & for how much.

    • Tantan says:

      Hi! She’d be $327 in Canadian dollars, so the price difference is only $3. If you buy one now, I can always bring her up with me at Anime North and you can pick her up there- if they arrive in time. They SHOULD. But I don’t want to jinx myself and say “Oh yes, definitely.”

  24. Beth says:

    Which girls do you have in stock? Do you currently have a White Eta with a faceup?


  25. Akemi says:

    Is Eta in green still available? And how much is she with shipping within the U.S.?

  26. Sara says:

    Hi :) Could you tell me what the measurements are for Eta? I want to make some clothes for a friends doll and can’t find her measurements anywhere. Thanks!

    • Tantan says:

      Waist: 8cm
      Hips 15.5
      Legs: 15
      Thigh: 9.5
      foot circumference: 9.5
      Handspread: 3
      Torso Length: 8
      Bust: 10.5
      Shoulder ball: 8
      Shoulder width: 9
      Arm Length: 12.5
      Neck: 4

      hope that helps!

  27. Rachel says:

    Hi there! I’m such a fan of Eta’s sculpt and I’d love to get one myself someday. Do you know when the next preorders will begin for this model? Thank you!

  28. Rene says:

    May I be added to the mailing list too? I’ve wanted your beautiful dolls for quite some time now ^_^

  29. Jess says:

    I would love if I could be added to the mailing list please, have been saving for one of your lovely dolla for sometime.

  30. Jinku says:

    You have a mailing list? Sign me up!
    Ever since I saw this little beauty in person, she’s been at the top of my list. <3

  31. Hi, when will be preorder for Eta? Thank you. :-)

    • Tantan says:


      Right now Eta is out of the rotation for production, but there are plenty of heads left in white, teal or blue. If you’d like a full doll, there are white bodies available this pre-order and I can combine them with an eta head to make you a full Eta. She won’t come with a helmet or with kitty ears.

  32. Yumeko says:

    I really like the blue but I much prefer Blip. Will there be an option to get Blip in blue?

  33. Ragdolly says:

    Hello! I’m still working out being able to afford one of these beauties in the future (I’m thinking Christmas this year, but I hope I don’t have to wait that long) and I was wondering if there were any plans to bring back Eta in any other colors? Pink or teal would be nice, but she’s so cute I’d happily buy her in whatever color is available when I can place the order.

    Also, I saw on your Tumblr that there were translucent resin casts of one of the robots. Is that something you might be bringing to production?

    • Tantan says:

      Hi! I still have Eta heads available in white, teal and blue, and at the moment I have white bodies available- so you can still order an Eta right now if you want one. I’ll be doing a run at the end of the summer, however it will be Delta and Blip again, no Eta.

      As for the transparent Mini-Machina, she was a one off. The transparent dolls have to be handcast and I no longer have molds for her at the house.

      thanks! :D

  34. phragmosis says:

    Super cute! Can you add me to the mailing list, please? :3

  35. Kassy says:

    Hello I love your dollies and have for a while now. Is there any what I can still order one ? Please and thank you ^^

    • Tantan says:

      I’ll be doing another order in January! If you’d like i can add you to the mailing list and I’ll let you know when the order is open?

  36. Kassy says:

    Oh my sorry wasn’t able to get your message earlier is there one later that I could order from ? I would like to be part of the main list depending on when orders are open again. Thank you for your time !

  37. Kassy says:

    I’ll see if I can get the money, how much is one ? and when is the last day to turn in the money ?

  38. Kassy says:

    I’ll see if I can get the money together, do I order on top there ? Is all colors available ?

  39. Christy says:

    I just would love an update when your mini Machia open for sale again because aaIm interested in buying one :) your work is great!

  40. Sasha says:

    Hi~ I wanted to see if I could be added to the mailing list? I absolutely adore your dolls and can’t wait for the Mini-Machina to come back around again

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