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Included Mini-Machina Delta, 1 Kitty ears!
Skin  Teal or Gray Skin(Environmental resin is used)
Options Face-up or extra head(you may choose either color on extra head)
Ordering Time Pre-orders will last 1 month after which I will put in the order to the casting studio. It will take 2-3 months to receive the dolls after that. Please feel free to email for updates at any time.
Shipping Dolls will be sent Priority mail with Insurance. Please make sure and add the correct shipping to your cart above!(US or International)

Delta is not shown with kitty ears but she does come with them!  

Please note that there will always be variation in color from batch to batch.
We do our best to match previous orders, but it isn’t always possible!
The new teal may not match the old teal exactly!

If I get enough orders I will open up white as a third color choice!

Once the doll is ordered you cannot cancel the order!   Thank you!

Layaway is available on a limited basis, please email me for information!





Total Height 29cm
Head 5.5in
Eyes 14mm



    • Mimi C. says:

      Wait do we have to buy the eyes for the dolls? If so what size?

      • Mimi C. says:

        And also I know it’s pretty weird to talk at 6:40 in the morning I have sleeping “problems “

      • Tantan says:

        The mini machinas take 14mm eyes. You can go down to 12 or up to 16 depending on the eye maker and the look you want. I used to provide eyes, but i no longer have access to the place I got them for en masse. :(

  1. I am very interested in ordering this Doll. I would Like to do the layaway option though as I am getting married soon. What are my options?

    Thanks so much


    • Tantan says:

      Layaway options are $140 up front, non refundable, then the rest in 2-3 months. :3 You can email me at batchix at yahoo dot com if you’ve got questions or concerns. Congrats on the wedding! :D <3

  2. Nina B. says:


    Do you plan to do a tan run later?

    Thank you

  3. Kitty says:

    Will she also come with a helmet like your other Machina?

  4. […] Pre-order starts now! Check out Eta Check out Delta […]

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Batchix (long time no see!),

    are you going to do another pre-order in the future, or will it be only the one run?


  6. Alejandra says:

    I was just wondering if the face up fee covered both heads?

  7. MIKU says:


  8. Lyka says:

    Just wanted to say that her face sculpt is gorgeous and I love the entire sculpt overall. Very beautiful Machina doll <3

  9. Anjelle says:

    Honestly, out of all of the BJDs I’ve seen, Delta is by far my favourite! I was wondering a few things. I can’t afford to buy her right now because I just paid tuition and for textbooks which came up to over $4,000. So I wanted to know if I would be able to buy her in the upcoming months.

    I was also very curious about the eyes. If we wanted a colour could we request it or is it completely random?

    It’s a lot of money (how much are they total?) and probably a waste but I really want to save up for one. Honestly, if you’re still selling these a year from now I could see myself buying Eta to match :) They’re gorgeous and if I can I would love to waste my money on them! <3

    • Tantan says:

      Ouch~~~ I don’t miss the days of tuition and supplies fees! :S

      The eyes are random, it’s just easier on me that way. n.n; Trying to keep track of that extra bit would slow down my shipping times at this point since it’s just me packing and shipping in between my day job! i’ve got a waitlist going right now if you’d like me to add you to it? I should know by the end of November or so if I have any extra dolls left over. I’m also tentatively planning for another release in January or February, but I’m not sure yet.

  10. Anjelle says:

    Yeah, it left me almost broke :( But money will be coming in soon so I’ll be recovering slowly.

    Yeah, it makes sense about the eyes, I just wanted to be sure ;)

    Alright, that sounds great because I should have money to buy them by then! Actually, I was hoping to buy both Delta and Eta, but I was wondering a few things about the price. If I get 2 then would that mean I’d have to pay double shipping? Because $100 for shipping is a lot. Also, just wondering if I have to pay duty/customs or if you write them as a gift. Sorry for so many questions, but I really want to see if it’s in my budget to get one of each :)

    Either way, I definitly want Delta, so please add me to the waiting list! Thank you!

    • Tantan says:

      Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you!

      So long as you buy both girls at the same time, it’ll just be cost of shipping for one. :3 For duty/customs I can’t write it as a gift since I’m a business, I’m sorry. :<

  11. Anjelle says:

    Don’t worry about it ^^

    Alright, that sounds fair. Then, if you have a white Delta and white Eta left over after getting to the people on the waiting list ahead of me, please let me know and I’ll buy them in a heartbeat! :) I should be fine so long as duties aren’t extremely expensive.

    Thank you in advance! I can’t wait~

  12. kimander says:

    I would be tickled a ridiculous shade of pink if I could be added to the waiting list. The second I saw Delta a character clicked into my dolly universe. Now certain members of my family wont stop pouting at me until she joins them. XD

    I would be paying full price, not layaway, and I would prefer a white Delta… though she may get painted gold so the color may be a moot point.

  13. kimander says:

    Scratch that, I would rather have her in mint.

  14. Enski says:

    Hello! I was wondering if I could be placed onto the waiting list (And/Or the mailing list, in case I miss them in November)? 8)

  15. Tina says:

    Hello hello! ^^ If it isn’t too much trouble, may I also be added to the waiting/mailing list for a white Delta? Thank you so much for your time~

  16. Lindsey Scheuerman says:

    May I be added to your waitlist? so cute!!

  17. Tina Black says:

    I would love a chance at this girl, just can’t afford it now.

    • Tantan says:

      i’m glad you like her. :D I’ll be re-releasing her at the end of January… maybe that will work out better for you then?

  18. Orreries says:

    She’s adorable, and reminds me a little of Jem *0* Truly truly truly outrageous! <3

  19. Sara says:

    Hey, Just wondering how much a Delta doll (+ face up) will cost me. Thanks!!

    • Tantan says:

      Casting costs went up, so i had to raise the price a little for second pre-order. She’ll be $320. If you want me to put you on the mailing list so you can be notified when the new pre-order starts in january, let me know! :D thanks!

  20. Kayanna says:

    do you plan on bringing back a mecha Delta? also, How much is her body?

    • Tantan says:

      She will be back at the end of January for another pre-order! it usually takes 2-3 months to get the dolls made after the pre-order is over, so you could expect to see the doll in March or April. The casting studio tends to get backed up this time of year. :S

      she’s only sold as a full doll at $325. i can usually do layaway if you need to, but it’s a first come, first serve basis. :3 thanks!

  21. Carrie says:

    oh, wait, here is the proper place to be added to the waiting list for delta, lol. thanks!

    • Tantan says:

      I’m sorry, the waitlist is full at the moment! I’ll be doing another order at the end of january if you’d like to get on the mailing list? Then you’ll know as soon as ordering opens!

  22. Sarah says:

    Do you cast them yourself?

  23. Carrie says:

    oh yes, I would love to be added to the mailing list. I will definitely be ordering one!

  24. Juubei says:

    I would love to know if there will be any more of these made available. I’d be possibly interested in two *_*

    • Tantan says:

      Hi! At the moment the girls are sold out, but there will be another pre-order for them at the end of january. If you’d like to get on the mailing list so you know when they open up, just let me know! :D glad you like them!

  25. Adria says:

    I want..and I want bad! If I hadn’t just bought another doll I would have got one of these girls whenever they come out again. Will there be a blue version?

    • Tantan says:

      The next release in January is white and either blue or spring green. I haven’t decided yet. :3 i have to wait for the samples to get here.

  26. RHi says:

    Do I need to be on the wait list for next release? Are there any left now?

    • Tantan says:

      The dolls are going to be delayed by the holiday, so the main shipment won’t be here till the 26th. The waitlist is full at the moment, but I can put you in the mailing list so you’ll know as soon as pre-orders open up in January!

  27. RHi says:

    Oh yes please! :3 I am n love with her!

  28. Sailor Orbit says:

    She’s so adorable! I love the proportions. you have certainly found your niche :)

  29. Donna says:

    Please add me to the notice list for Delta in January!

  30. Kara says:

    I think I’m already on your mailing list, but if not could you please add me? I want to make sure I don’t miss the pre-order for Delta. I’ve fallen in love!

  31. Kashizzle says:

    Hi! I’d like to be added to the waiting list for this cutie! :)

    • Tantan says:

      I’m sorry, the waitlist is full right now. However, i can add you to the mailing list for when the new pre-order starts in january!

  32. Kashizzle says:

    Yes please! (Sorry, that was what I meant >_>)

  33. comichic says:

    This doll is amazing and super cute! I’d like to be put on the pre-order mailing list, please

  34. Leah says:

    Please add me for the mailing list for the January pre-order. Thank you!

  35. Koi Kichuoa says:

    Hello I have been looking at your beautiful sculpted dolls for a while and I know they are sold out but do you plan on selling them again any time soon

    • Tantan says:

      They will be up for pre-order again later this month! thanks!

      If you’d like, I can add you to the mailing list and email you when the pre-order starts. :D

  36. Koi Kichuoa says:

    Hmmm tempting… What does the total cost of the doll sipping to us a eta head and a face up cost

    • Tantan says:

      The dolls will be $325, an extra head is $60, Face ups are $30, and shipping to US is $20. The total would be $435 for everything. The next pre-order opens around the 14th. If you like me to send you an email when the pre-order opens, let me know! thanks!

  37. Slenderman says:

    Beautiful dolls!

  38. coinopgirl says:

    Oh, she’s lovely! Please add me to the mailing list!

  39. catgirlemi says:

    I would love to be on the waiting/mailing list and hopefully get my chance to get one of these awesome girls

  40. Sonia says:

    Hi! I sent you an email asking tou about layaway, shipping issues and Machina Gamma/Epsilon availability but I’ve received no reply. Also tried to contact you on tumblr. I hope you see my message here. I’m sending the email again, please at least confirm me you’ve received it. I really want to purchase your dolls!!

  41. Becki says:

    I have to get myself a job just so I can buy one of these, they are stunning! ;o; I’d love to be on the ML <3

  42. michael says:

    I just submitted an order for the blue delta! Thanks so much and can you add me to your mailing list!

  43. Caolan says:

    i saw one of these on DoA and had to look them up XD I had to buy a blue Delta right off the bat >w> she’s sooo adorable >w<
    could I please be added to your mailing list? :3

  44. Erika McWhorter says:

    Can you please add me to the mailing list? I’d love to order an Eta and wouldmlove to know when the next pre-order starts.

  45. Erika McWhorter says:

    Woohoo! Great news.. Now I’m just having trouble choosing the color I want. Might have to resort to eeny meeny miny moe to choose or just buy once color and the other color later, hopefully.

  46. Navii_Navii says:

    Just ordered one! I hope I did this right!

  47. Amaryllis says:

    They are so pretty! I was wondering if I buy a full Delta (say in blue) and an Eta head, will the eta head be the same colour as the Delta Doll. I just want to make sure since I want everything to match. Thanks. :)

    • Tantan says:

      thank you!

      Since the dolls are all from the same batch, the heads should match the bodies, yes. If you buy a doll now and a separate head later, I can’t give you the same guarantee with the color.

  48. Amaryllis says:

    Alright, thank you. I just placed my order, I can’t wait to get her! :)

  49. Ashnash says:

    im soory, but im little confused. could you please clarify, the only pre-order color is white, correct?
    also, when does pre-order end?

    • Tantan says:

      The girls from the order will be arriving next week. There are about seven white girls left. The next pre-order will open in September. Thanks! :3

  50. Kiwi says:

    Hi! :3 I was wondering if in the future, will there be anymore of these girls in teal? I love the eta in teal so much~ And I want her so badly. QwQ

  51. Amber says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if I could be added to the mailing list and also, will you be doing a pink version ever? I would order one of those in a heartbeat! Thanks!

  52. Leokitsune says:

    So cute! May I be added to the mailing list, please? I’d love to get the heads up next time they come back around!

  53. Tokoz says:

    Could I be added to the mailing list?

  54. Vitani says:

    Hi, I would also like to be added to the mailing list! :) Delta is amazing and actually just what I’ve been looking for.

  55. Hyperion says:

    Hi, I love Delta so much, I was wondering whether you would mind adding me to the mailing list. She is so amazingly pretty and beautifully detailed.

  56. Levi Athan says:

    I was wondering when the new pre-order period in January will open.
    Could you please add me, so I’ll know right away? :D
    Thank you,

    • Tantan says:

      I’m sorry, but because of Chinese New Year, the pre-order is getting pushed back to March now. I added you to the email list so you’ll get notified as soon as it’s up!

  57. Akutenshi7 says:

    Please add me to the mailing list! :)

    I love Delta to pieces, but was just curious if you were planning another head for the Mini-Machina?

    Thank you!

  58. Audrey says:

    Please add me to the mailing list! I’m in love with Delta’s sculpt and don’t want to miss out on ordering her. She’s going to be a birthday present to myself (Since my birthday is in march)

  59. Arlo says:

    I was wondering if Blip comes out in March do we have to pay BY March? I get my next lot of student loan then, and Blip is going to be ordered when I get it, but I was hoping I actually CAN order her D:

    Thank you!

    • Tantan says:

      While I prefer to have the doll paid up front, I also have a certain amount of layaways I can take. The down payment is $150. But pre-orders won’t open TILL March, so I don’t need any money till then. Does that make sense? Thanks!

      • Arlo says:

        I won’t have any money till April, does that mean I can’t get one? I was really looking forward to ordering Blip, my first Mini Machina (which have been a grail of mine since I first saw them!)

  60. Tantan says:

    It depends on how fast the pre-order sells. I think you’ll be fine tho. :3

  61. Ashe says:

    Your dolls are amazing! Can I be added to the mailing as I am interested in getting one of these beautiful ladies when the pre-order opens up.

    Thank you, and keep up with the amazing job! x

  62. Prowln Jazz says:

    I was wondering if I cold be added to the mailing list as well~? I have been wanting one of your dolls since I saw your thread on DoA when you were creating them! X3 I’m hoping I can nab one finally.

  63. Creeper says:

    Hello there! I’ve had my eyes on this doll for forever, love it!

    Has the pre-order started? If not, can I be added to the mailing list? Thank you for your time!

  64. Crowbar says:

    Can I be added to your mailing list, too? I am so excited for these dolls to be available again!

  65. Amy says:

    A question that I had on this most recent preorder on the mini-machina is are there only cat ears or would it be possible to still get a helmet?

    • Tantan says:

      I’m sorry, it’s ears only this pre-order. I do have a few white Delta heads that don’t have the magnets for the cat ears, but unfortunately no helmets. I’m sorry!

  66. Whitney says:

    I was wondering when pre-orders would start again for the Delta Mini-Machina. Or if you have any layaway options? She’s just so adorable, and I’ve been wanting one for a long time!

    • Tantan says:

      There’s a pre-order open right now and I have layaway options available. :3 You can email me at batchix @ yahoo . com (remove the spaces) to set one up!

  67. Alice says:

    Do you know if there will be another run of these lovely ladies? I met a Delta at a con a couple of years ago and am still in love her quirky style!

    If there is another run coming I need to start saving money now! (or cry in a corner for missing out on my chance to have one of these ladies in my household…)

  68. Mae says:

    Can I please be put on your mailing list? I’ve been in love with your mini machina dolls since I discovered them a few years back and would love to know when/if these lovely ladies are ever made available again. :)

  69. kawika says:

    Hi I commented last time but yeah how do u oder these and how much does it cost for one doll for its head and body plz get back to me as soon as possible thank u oh and yeah kinda low on money right now so do know when you will be doing them again if so let me know and sorry for all the miss typing it’s just that I’m from kauai Hawaii and this is how we talk ..

    • Tantan says:

      Hi! The mini-machinas are out of stock at the moment. I will do another order for them in january. If you’d like I can add you to the mailing list and I’ll email you when the order opens. They’re $325 blank. Thanks!

  70. Cal says:

    Hi, can I please be added to the mailing list? The mini-machina are just too gorgeous for me to forget about <3

  71. Feathyr says:

    Could I be added to the mailing list too?
    I just love them too much to not know when I could buy one.

  72. Ajahli says:

    oh my gosh!! I’m so sad I came too late to the party ; ; could I be added to the mailing list as well?? These gals are so beautiful, oh my goodness <3

  73. Melon says:

    Dear Batchix,
    I ordered my Delta some time ago and now wanted to ask whether you are still having some of the old helmets lying around. Mine already came with cat ears but I want to change her chara now. ^^
    I thought I ask here first before heading off to all them marketplaces. :D
    Thank you for your time and your amazing work!


    • Tantan says:

      I’m so sorry, I don’t have any right now! I hope you were able to find one! sorry for the really late reply!

  74. Dan says:

    Greetings Batchix,
    I was wondering if it is to late to be added to the waitlist for the pre-order coming in January? I would love one of your white deltas. She has such a strong yet sweet look to her face. Beautifully sculpted. Inspirational.
    Please let me know if I’m not to late to be added to January’s list.
    Best regards, Dan

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