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Order Info:

Machina Gamma is one of the male companions for the original Machina girl, Alpha.  He’s cast out of high quality environmental resin.

Gamma is sweet and likes to please.  He likes helping out around the house and making tea.  In fact he’ll make tea even if you don’t want it, or tell him no.  He can’t drink it, but I think he likes the smell.  If left to his own devices he will try to sneak in books instead of recharging- so keep an eye on his energy level.

He comes with seams removed, glass eyes, and his helmet.

He is available in white skin only, gray is sold out!

He is shown with a an artist face-up in gray skin with his lines painted.  The white skin shown has the factory face-up.

You can purchase the other head(epsilon) in addition to Gamma for an extra $60. Heads are available in both white and gray skin.  Please specify which you’d like!

Once the order is placed, it cannot be canceled.

Dolls are in stock!  Orders take about 1 week to complete.

Price is $350 for the blank doll

Factory Face-up(not shown): $30


Gamma is now sold out!  Heads are still available separately.  Thanks so much! <3



Factory Face-up

Epsilon Head




  1. joannmarie says:

    I am very interested in Machina Gamma but what is his size? Thank you, Jo

  2. Dawn says:

    Are these guys going to be restocked in gray? I loooooove them but white skin is impossible for me.

  3. Teresa says:


    I’d really like to order a white Machina Gamma but the add to cart button seems to be broken. Is there another way to order? Thanks!

  4. Teresa says:

    Thanks so much :) I went ahead and ordered! (though I guess my new bank takes time to clear Paypal… I just moved so I’m still a little out of sorts ^__^;; )

  5. Tantan says:

    Not a problem! thanks so much!

  6. Teresa says:

    One more thing I forgot to ask: are this guy’s measurements listed anywhere? Trying to look for/get ready to make clothes ^.^

    • Tantan says:

      Hm… i thought i had some on the site, but I guess not. Give me a day or so and I’ll try to get some measurements for you. :3 He’s 42cm tall, so that’s a start!

  7. Teresa says:

    Thanks :D that’ll really help!

  8. Teresa says:

    Just got my boy a couple days ago and I love him <333 thanks again!

  9. Tantan says:

    you’re very welcome!! :D

  10. Solid says:

    Will the gray skinned Gamma come back?

    • Tantan says:

      Maybe someday! I have no plans to recast Gamma and Epsilon after I run out. I sometimes bring left over stock for sale in person, so once in a while there’s a gray mixed in.

  11. MonochromeAgent says:

    Just ordered Gamma in white, along with Epsilon head. I’ve been looking at these two for months now, so I’m excited to have finally ordered one! I cant wait to see him, I love robots, cyborgs androids and scifi stuff all around! I’m so glad such an amazing doll exists!

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