Peach or White skin Dark Elf




sold out!


Included Dark elf on the 51cm body
Skin Peach or white skin is available in limited numbers.  Because the head was made at a later date than the bodies there might be some slight variation in skin tone.
Ordering Time Dolls are in stock and will ship 1 week from order.
Shipping Dolls will be sent Priority mail with Insurance. Please make sure and add the correct shipping to your cart above!(US or International)

Once the doll is ordered you cannot cancel the order! Thank you!


Layaway is available on a limited basis, please email me for information!

        PeachElf03 PeachElf07 PeachElf08 PeachElf09 PeachElf06


Total Height 51 cm
Head 5.5in
Eyes 8-9mm

Comparison of 51cm body with other 51cm and 42cm dolls

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